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Silver Linings part I - Running

One of the beautiful things about not working is that I can go out to run anytime I damn well please. 8 miles at 11:30 am? You betcha! 2 miles at midnight because, hell, I don't need to wake up in the morning? Sure! Rolling out of bed and popping out a lazy 4 miles? No problem!  

Perhaps I exaggerate on the different situations in which I run. Typically it's working out to be between 11:30 and 2 pm and between 3 - 8 miles. But the freedom with which i can embark on the runs, without having to worry about when to be back or who might be judging me for being gone for so damn long. At Shelf Awareness I was able to get out for my lunch hour everyday and churn out a few miles but between changing into workout clothes, running, meeting my blue-eyed man, scarfing down lunch, and changing back out of workout clothes my actual running time was limited to about 30 minutes.

I am, if nothing else, a slow runner. At my best (sustainable) speed I run a 9:30 mile but typically it's more like 10:45 which meant that my lunchtime downtown runs were always crunched. It's no good for trying to build up distance. 

I can hear you saying "just run first thing in the morning" to which I'd like to tell you to STFU. There are few things in life more precious to me than lounging in bed and the thought of tearing myself from the warm embrace of 400 thread-count cotton and my shirtless man in order to sweat all over myself sounds appallingly foolish. Order of the day: Wake, lounge, direct my daughter to make the coffee (THIS is why people breed), drink coffee in bed, then slowly pull myself to standing whereupon I stumble onto the deck to enjoy my second cup of child-made coffee and bask in the terrifying height of my tomato plants. Even when I was working that's about how the morning played out, we just had to make sure we set the alarm early enough to have time for the whole ritual.

I run best after I've had coffee, breakfast, and time to digest that breakfast. Or, better yet, after I've breakfasted and lunched and so have an abundance of calories to power me through. Which is why unemployment agrees with me so well in this regard. I typically don't even shower until 3 pm! That's so effing gross! That's so effing AWESOME! But still, i'm willing to trade this filth and lackadaisical running schedule for something more regimented in deference to gainful employment. But it would be with a sigh and longing glance back....



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