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Confused Mumblings from a Fevered Mind

wackyloony people only please

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23 September 1979
My Secret Shame: I want to go to GateCon, the Stargate SG-1 convention.

My Not-So-Secret Shame: I love Ewan McGregor beyond all reason.

I am the former West Coast Sales Rep for Phaidon Press, a fantastic publisher that produces beautiful art, photography, and architecture books with some cookbooks and travel guides thrown in as well. I left that position in the Fall of 2007 because the travel (while i did love it) was just too intense. I'm back at Third Place Books now as a general bookseller and keeping myself in busy in the off hours with my shiny new baby.

Wait, what? Did i just say a baby?!

Yup. I spawned in September 2008 and now i have to try really hard not to bore people to death with the minutiae of my daughter's day-to-day life. Please let me know if i bore you, i'll try to restrain myself.


Being in love with Ewan McGregor i'm just keeping this little gem stored here so i don't forget this video.

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